Hot Tips For A Graphic Design Company: Planning Your Logo For Logo Designers To Consider

Hot Tips For A Graphic Design Company: Planning Your Logo For Logo Designers To Consider

Research your target audience

A good quality logo is not simply a pretty visual; it must communicate the brand's message. As a graphic designer or logo designer, you are communicating a position and developing a brand. The first logical step while designing a logo design is to research the basic concepts that the logo design should revolve around. Involve your client during the initial stages, since your understanding of the brand might be different from their. It is imperative that the message should be clear before you start the designing process.

Become engrossed in the brand

Before you even start sketching out your ideas for the logo, compile a dossier on the relevant brand including answers to questions such as who they are and what they do. Also review their target audience and it's demographic. Review their previous logos and try to assess what did not represent the brand effectively. Your do's and don'ts should be compiled before the design work starts.

Do your research online

Some very good logo design resources are available online such as Logo Gala and Logo Moose. Explore these sites for ideas and inspiration. However, make sure that you know when to stop researching. The best strategy is to review 10 designs to find out what worked and what did not, rather than swamping yourself with 50 irrelevant ones.

Search for inspiration

If you are still struggling for ideas, look up the key words in a thesaurus or dictionary, or do a Google image search for inspiration. If you have a sketch book, go through your previous sketches and use any relevant unused ideas from a previous project.

Resist the temptation to copy

If you are a logo design company , you may have your own ideals and heroes, which you admire for their exceptional creative projects and achievements. Although imitation is supposed to be the best kind of flattery, in the design world, it just reflects a lazy attitude towards a creative task. Think about what would be suitable according to the client's needs.

Do not let the client dictate

Discussing the logo design with the client before the actual design, does not mean doing what they tell you to. As a graphic designer, you should review your brief provided by the client and make inquiries about any vagueness or lack of clarity you discover. If you find sentences like 'the logo must be memorable' or '… iconic', you need to discuss these with your client and pull them up.

Create a mood board

There are scores of websites and books that you could research for logo designs. Create a mood board only with the ones that follow similar values. Review the board critically to establish what worked and what did not about these logo designs. Rip the board up and use your findings as your guide for your own unique design.

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