The Benefits of 3D Logo Design

The Benefits of 3D Logo Design

Any company, no matter how small or big it is, can get the much needed first impression from the logo that represents it. In today’s highly competitive market, initial impressions decide whether one can capture a potential client’s attention. Thus logo, most notably 3D logo designs, has been steadily rising in terms of demands. Creativity is always a prerequisite to designing outstanding 3D logos. It also helps that one consider the following tips to creating a top notch eye catching 3D logo designs.

Simplicity is quality. This tip is often underrated but is definitely the single most important thing to consider. The key here is to engage your potential clients and give them a better idea about your company with only a quick glance at your 3D logo. Complex designs also translate to difficult reproduction. With simple 3D logo designs, the stickiness factor and retention edge is definitely high.

Think classic. Always consider longevity of your 3D logo design. Your main consideration should always be that your logo will stood the test of time. Type-based 3D logos are often a proven and tested formula for this. For start up company, you may wish to change after 5 years or so but the fact of the matter is, durability and longevity of your company logo should always be the main consideration. Most of today’s top companies retained their logo that was made since their initial foray into the market.

Consider relevance. In deciding on creating a logo, always prioritize your products and services above aesthetic value. You can create the most fabulous 3d graphic ever made but it will be less effective if it has no connection to the products and services that you are offering. A good 3D logo should therefore be not just memorable but should also get clients to start relating to the products and services that you offer.

Vectorize. Detailed drawings and intricate designs are good but clean, crisp lines, and simple 3D effects with limited colors are always more pleasing to both the eyes and minds of clients. Contrast and balance are vital in logo design and vector drawing always scores high in aspects. These days, the presence of various graphic software allow people to actually integrated all great functionality to be able to come up with a clean and professional looking 3D logo design.

3D mimics reality. The best thing about 3D design is the sense of realism that it evokes. While 2D is still the current mainstream choice for illustration and designs, 3D guarantees to satisfy the insatiable appetite of most designers who favors seamless blending and photo-real finish.

Source by Lara Johnson

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